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U-TOP technology is a highly sensitive genotyping technology that enables to detect the genetic mutation (SNP, SNV, In/del, point mutation), even a single nucleotide sequence variation, based on a PNA probe using a Real-time PCR. 

U-TOP technology integrates Ct analysis, which is commonly used in Real-Time PCR Diagnosis, and Melting Array analysis, which determines specific temperature changes in base sequences, to identify up to 16 genetic mutations only by one reaction. For example, if the combined normal binding temperature in DNA is 68℃ when one of the base sequences is mutated, the combined binding temperature drops to 58℃. These temperature differences allow us to identify each gene mutation.

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- Fast : finished within 3 hours
- Reproducibility : One experiment to get results
- Sensitivity : 0.1% of genetic mutation is accurately detected
- Specificity: PNA-based minimum false negative rate
- Multiplex analysis: 16 genetic mutations detection by a single reaction


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The in vitro diagnostic medical device that tests for microsatellite instability and assists in diagnosing MSI genotype and genetic discrimination in patients with hereditary nasal polyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC), gastric cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer suspected of dysfunction of the MMR gene.

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The in vitro diagnostic medical device to test for Helicobacter pylori infection and clarithromycin resistance mutations

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The In vitro diagnostic medical device for qualitative detection of 11 congenital hearing loss gene mutations to measure the risk of non-syndrome hearing loss

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The in vitro diagnostic medical device that diagnoses the risk of non-syndrome hearing loss by qualitatively detecting 11 mutations of rare hearing loss genes specific to Koreans.

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The kit is the test reagent for the qualitative and quantitative analysis through the real-time PCR technique after the extraction of DNA from the blood plasma and urine of a patient with cytomegalovirus suspected infection.

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An in vitro diagnostic medical device that extracts DNA from the blood of a suspected EBV infection and analyze it quantitatively by using real-time PCR.

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