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Patio technology  analyzes the fetal DNA in the mother's blood or the amniotic fluid to detect disorders such as Down's syndrome, Patau syndrome, Edwards syndrome, Turner syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, and triple X syndrome (superfemale syndrome).

Mom's Seasun prenatal diagnosis and analysis service, which is currently the only licensed product by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea, takes 3 days from sample collection to completion of the analysis.

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- Safety: Use of maternal blood samples
- Accuracy: more than 99%
- Speed: 3 days from sample collection to results!
- Reliability: statistical and clinical validation based on various clinical trials
    *Joint research with main hospitals in Korea: Seoul National University Hospital(SNUH), Cha hospital(CHA), etc.


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The in vitro diagnostic medical device capable of simple and rapid analysis of chromosomal abnormal syndromes (Down, Edward, Patau syndrome) using real time PCR by separating cell free DNA from the plasma of pregnant women.

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The in vitro diagnostic medical device that assists in discriminating abnormal chromosomes of Down syndrome, Edward syndrome and Patau syndrome from fetal DNA derived from maternal amniotic fluid and chorionic tissue

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