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Isothermal amplification is a method to amplify large amounts of genes in a short period. Although there are some generally used methods used in genomic amplification, such as SYBR using intercalating dye or colormetric detection to identify target amplification with naked eyes, these methods are not accurate (false positives rate) because they are not distinguishable from other non-specific amplification methods.

AQ-TOP technology uses a target-specific fluorescent PNA probe to significantly lower the false-positive rate, and suitable for screening and control of infectious diseases that require fast and accurate tests.

​​​​​​​with the exclusive application patents. Non-specific signal of traditional LAMP has been eliminated by using PNA probe with superior target specificity. Moreover, the remained biggest challenge of LAMP, simultaneous analysis of multi targets is refined in AQ-TOP platforms using a novel recombinant Bst DNA Polymerase with strengthened ampilfication rate.

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- Rapid :  finished within 30 min
- Limit of detection : 1 copy/ul in single reaction 
- Specificity : No false negative (Gene sequence-specific PNA probe)
- Portable: Small equipment, simple experiment


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The In vitro diagnostic medical device that diagnoses the presence of new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) gene infection within 30 minutes using real-time Hyper RT-PCR

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In vitro diagnostic medical device that diagnoses infection of new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 gene (ORF1ab gene, N gene) within 30 minutes using real-time Hyper RT-PCR

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