Supplied'PCR inspection kit' to the corona inspection center at Incheon Airport

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  • Date 2021.02.01
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Issuance of inspection confirmation certificates directly at the airport with'U Top Plus' and'AC Top Plus'


Seasun Bio Materials supplies'U-TOP COVID-19' and'AQ-TOP COVID-19', which are Corona 19 molecular diagnostic (PCR) products, to the'Corona 19 Inspection Center' in Incheon Airport. It was announced on the 4th that it had signed a contract to do.

In October of last year, Incheon International Airport Corporation and Inha University Hospital signed an agreement for the operation of the “Corona 19 Inspection Center” and started building the center. At the same time, it has also signed a contract to select Seasun Bio's “U top Plus” and “AQ Top Plus” as the only PCR diagnostic kits for corona 19 testing in the center.

The newly established Corona Testing Center is the first domestic airport to undergo corona testing at the airport before departure, and has been operating since December 31 last year. Unlike existing screening clinics, the Incheon Airport Corona Test Center is a medical facility in the airport that can receive a voice confirmation required for departure after corona testing at the site.

When going abroad, you can receive both the corona test and the negative confirmation at the same time at the airport without the hassle of having to obtain a corona negative confirmation document required by the country through a specific designated hospital. The airport inspection center is raising expectations that it will also play a role in supporting special arrivals such as the “travel bubble”.

The Travel Bubble is a system for easing immigration measures that exempts those entering the country from the self-isolation process for two weeks through an agreement between countries with excellent corona prevention.

Seasun Bio's “U Top Plus” and “A Q Top Plus” both obtained official approvals from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and can be used even after the end of use of products approved for emergency use in February. In addition, all of them have been approved for emergency use by the European in vitro diagnostic medical device certification (CE-IVD) and the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA).

Seasun Bio'Utop Plus' can detect all four regions of the SARS-CoV-2 gene'ORF1ab, E, N, S gene' recommended by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization (WHO) for corona molecular diagnosis. It is said that it is suitable. In October last year, “U top Plus” obtained the approval of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a corona molecular diagnosis product capable of detecting four kinds of genes for the first time in Korea.

U top plus was recognized as a world-class molecular diagnostic product, ranking 3rd in the sensitivity test of over 150 corona emergency use approved products conducted by the US FDA in September last year. AQ Top Plus is a product that applies a molecular diagnostic test method for rapid diagnosis and can check for corona infection within 30 minutes. In addition, it is a product for rapid corona diagnosis by PCR test method approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety after clinical trials.

In September, the US'Weissleder' research team selected Seasun Bio's'AQ Top Plus' among 250 corona diagnostic products around the world as the representative product of the gene amplification method for rapid diagnosis through an analysis report.

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