CEO Message

is a molecular diagnostics company based on genomic information analysis and will lead the realization of precision medicine through companion diagnostics and personalized medicine and healthy and happy life for humanity.

Since its founding, SEASUN BIOMATERIALS has released a wide range of products in the field of genetic analysis, including a fetal chromosomal abnormality test, childhood hearing loss genetic test, and cancer diagnosis caused by innate genetic factors.

In 2019, U-TOP MSI Detection Kit, which assists the diagnosis of non-polyp colon cancer using Microsatellite instability (MSI) analysis, was selected as a next-generation first-class product. The SEASUN BIOMATERIALS's Non-Invasive Pre-natal Test (NIPT), Moms' seasun, has applied to Real-Time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology in the world first. Moms' seasun is not only a more affordable and economical test method but also contributed to the development of the Korean medical industry by the domestication of analysis services that used to depend on foreign technology.

Recently, we have completed the development of original technology to analyze genetic mutations that are caused by external factors, such as environmental pollution, aging, and diet, and are focusing on diagnosis and analysis of epigenetic mutations. We are conducting joint studies with large hospitals such as Seoul National University Hospital and Severance Hospital to develop biomarkers for new epigenetic mutations and products for the early diagnosis of intractable cancer.

We will continue to lead the development of the precision medical industry and in-vitro diagnostic medical device based on genetic analysis information with the endless passion and responsibility for healthy life and happiness for humanity.


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