COVID 19 diagnostic reagent, national representative'Brand K'certification

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  • Date 2021.01.26
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On the 10th, the diagnostic reagent for COVID 19 by Gaze Biomaterials (hereinafter referred to as Seasun Bio) was recognized as the nation's representative'brand K'.

On this day, SEASINBIO also launched the'SCV Extraction Kit', which helps extract nucleic acids, which are key in the diagnosis of Corona 19, within 5 minutes from the existing 20 to 40 minutes.

Brand K is a representative joint brand of small and medium-sized companies that symbolizes Korea's'K' and'Brand', a strategy for luxury marketing. This project was promoted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of SMEs) in February of last year to raise the lack of awareness of SMEs and increase national competitiveness.

Brand K must undergo all processes and production in Korea, and innovative technology products with global marketability are given to the products that finally pass through examination by expert members.

The Small and Medium Business Administration held a fair for the 2020 Brand K selection at COEX in April, and a total of 81 products were finally selected. On this day, 14 corona19 diagnosis products from 14 companies including SEASUNBIO, Seegene, and Cogen Biotech, a molecular diagnostic company that is the leading player in the prevention of Corona 19, were also exhibited, and these products were selected as'preliminary brand K'.

The preliminary brand K is certified under the condition that it will be promoted to the official'Brand K'after receiving official approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Currently, there are a total of eight companies that have been officially licensed by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety among corona 19 diagnostic products, and three of them have been promoted to official brand K, including SEASUNBIO, Seegene, and Cogen Biotech.

If it is certified as an official brand K, it can be exported, promoted, and exhibited to countries around the world with the certification mark of'Korea National Brand, Brand K'. In addition, there is an opportunity to promote jointly in connection with government agencies.

SEASUNBIO's'AQ-TOP COVID-19 Rapid Detection Kit Plus', which is drawing attention after the official approval of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, is a molecular diagnosis method applied with a real-time gene amplification method. have. AQ Top Plus received emergency approval for emergency use within an hour with extraction equipment in July. With official approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in October, it can now be used for both emergency screening and confirmation.

In addition, the'SC V Extraction Kit' released by SEASUNBIO is drawing attention from the market as a product that shortens the time required for the nucleic acid extraction step, which is essential in the Corona 19 test, to within 5 minutes.

One of the important things in PCR testing is the'nucleic acid extraction' process, which extracts genes from samples (samples) collected from patients. Currently, the'manual method' is the most frequently used to extract nucleic acids. The manual method generally requires additional reagents and temperature devices for protein removal, and it takes 20-40 minutes to extract genes from one sample.

SEASUNBIO's SCIV Extraction Kit does not have a protease K treatment process and no carrier RNA, which is an auxiliary material, so it is possible to obtain faster and more accurate results in PCR tests.

In the current situation where the 3rd Corona 19 pandemic of 1,000 confirmed cases per day is in progress, SEASUNBIO's'SCV Extraction Kit' and'AC Top Plus' will be the best partners for rapid and accurate COVID-19 prevention. Raise expectations. Sisun Bio is also promoting the establishment of a rapid molecular diagnostic test center in connection with national institutions.

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